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We Are Revenue

To your account receivables we are Revenue. 
Our commercial debt recovery solution provides you with the highest rate of return in the most expedient manner on your account receivables. At Revenue Assurance Partners we couple technological advantages like RAPDIRECT on-line client access and document imaging with over 50 years of experience in providing debt recovery solutions for businesses. No one in the account receivable industry will return more money faster to your bottom line than Revenue Assurance Partners.

We Are Assurance

To your peace of mind we are Assurance. 
At Revenue Assurance Partners we develop a debt recovery solution tailored to fit your businesses needs. Our unique "investigative" treatment process, that is wholly compliant with all state and federal regulations, allows us to develop a financial profile on the debtor company to determine the most expedient course of action. Whether you wish to maintain your client's good will in order to conduct business with them in the future, or just want to obtain your funds in the most expedient fashion possible, Revenue Assurance Partners can solve your bad debt recovery concerns.

We Are Partners

To your business we are partners. 
When you place an account and become a Revenue Assurance recovery partner you open up an entire menu of value added services. Whatever tools your business requires to manage its' account receivables portfolio we have the technology and expertise to provide them for you.

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