the successful control of cashflow and efficient management of debtors is crucial.

Commercial Debt Recovery - Revenue Assurance PartnersRevenue Assurance Partners is a commercial collection agency, which means we only collect on business to business accounts receivables.   We will collect against individuals if they have signed a personal guaranty and are personally liable for the debt.   Collections on commercial claims are very different than collections on a retail claim (ie against a individual for credit card or medical debts for example)  We have a national team of professionals whose top notch skills, experience and varied backgrounds allow us to take a custom approach on each claim which leads to a very high rate of recovery for our clients.   Every business has to deal with customers who do not pay their bills on time.   This going unchecked can lead to severe cash flow issues and cuts into your profit margins.  Recovering these funds is essential to your bottom line.

We at RAP will take the time to review your documents and look at your delinquent customers business to gain a full understanding of the situation and determine the reason for the nonpayment and  formulate the best plan to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.  We use state of the art technology, have online access for our clients to review the work being performed on their accounts if they desire to do so and we have a bi weekly remittance process to get the recovered money back to our clients as quickly as possible. We value our client relationships and will go above and beyond to maintain mutually beneficial partnership with our clients and work to not only collect the past due debts but also educate our clients to help decrease future problems from arising and increase their chances of recovery on all of their receivables.

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